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You can't avoid flashing altogether, but if you leave screen updating off until after you have restored the control tab, it should be minimal.

In your code you have this line at the end of the report routine: application.

Hi Experts, I have a spreadsheet where I have created a console page to run a variety of reports from.

While the reports are running, I would like the focus to stay on the console page.

I have a code that initially sets Screen Updating to False, but in the middle of the code it calls another subroutine and for some reason it actually shows me some (not all) actions (ie, when it selects a new sheet I get to see that). Here is a simplified version of the code Option Explicit Sub Check_Input Data() Application.

Here is a simple code which gives a message box showing the values in column A starting from row 2 to the last row.

After the macro is finished, the status bar will show as follows – So similarly, you can update the status bar at different parts of the code, so that the user knows what is happening as the macro is running.

Here is a pic of the status bar while the macro is running.

If you have turned off screen updating using the line Application.

Screen Updating = False at the beginning of your code, then if any user runs the code, they will not know what is going on and think that the computer system is not responding.

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