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"Bachelor in Paradise" star Daniel Maguire wants to set the record straight on his summer fling with Lacey Mark since his side of the story was cut from ABC's reunion special."She villainized me and we couldn’t see eye to eye," the 32-year-old Bachelor contestant told Too Fab.She wanted the 100 percent all in and the marriage and I couldn't do that.I still want to see her again, but she has different wants, needs and values." "It would be a different story if we were in the same city, but we’re in different countries," he added.I don’t think if I’d been to America I’d ever be running as much.

‘I know that I was incredibly nervous,’ says Maguire, who’s 33 and has a girlfriend of 10 years.

But Michelle Ryan – the kind of ex-East Ender that the tabloids like to call stunning – is used to such attention, and now for her role in ITV1’s new two-part comedy drama, the question is inevitable from all-comers.

Specifically, statistics rule Saz’s love life, and the title alludes to the fact that a woman will typically marry her 11th sexual partner.

‘It’s a real water cooler kind of conversation: do you settle down with Mr 11 because he’s the right guy or because he’s around at the right time – that kind of topic always interests people, and I think it’s a subject where people’s answers have changed so much in recent years.’ So is it a topic that the cast have discussed in detail on set?

Maguire implies that it is, but sadly won’t go into the details.

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