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They told me things there was no way they could know. Right down to how my hair looks being very important to me. I'm a Capricorn rabbit and have recently met a guy who is a cancer dog and he definetly has his guard up and is rigid but I feel if I got to know him better he'd be very warm and relaxed.

Apparently rabbits and dogs work very well together.

At the beginning of close personal courtships, the Cancerian Dog is never quite relaxed.

They can be a little shy at first, and may need coaxing into relaxing before they start to feel comfortable and at ease.

The Cancerian Dog person's personality is ideally suited to caring or advisory careers, and they also make fantastic and capable parents.

The Impartial Cancerian Dog Personality Like the represented Dog, a Cancerian born in their Chinese astrological year is thought to be lavished with their compassionate and naturally faithful nature.

This is an especially favorable set of characteristics to acquire, and compliments nicely the sensitive Cancer personality.

Their all-around versatility and great ability to do many things at once makes these personalities popular and never short on friends.

Their bubbly outlook and sense of adventure are rather infectious, making these personalities nice to be with.

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