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We all have much brain damage from getting hit with things.” Oh well.

Is there not a semi-affordable way to make a large wolf look slightly larger?First, Jaime and Bronn watch the Unsullied and the Dothraki show off their numbers in front of the city, and have a conversation about cocks that made me regret investing so many years of my life in a TV show that’s so irrationally obsessed with this piece of anatomy. Brienne and the Hound catch up, and Brienne takes this opportunity to tell the Hound that Arya is still alive.The folks at Fantasizr say Jaime should get 5 for the line “Maybe it really is all cocks in the end.” If I had not already been asleep when they made that decision, I would have fought it with every ounce of strength in my body. Then it is announced that everyone will meet in the old dragon pit. We’re 10 minutes into the finale, and nearly every named character you ever cared about is walking around King’s Landing, as part of a huge herd. These two have a nice moment in which he says he has laid his grudge against a 14-year-old girl to rest. The Hound also runs into the Mountain, whom he tells, cryptically, “You know who’s coming for you.Harrag would prefer to find an island and murder everyone on it (except the women, who he will instead rape) and Theon would prefer the crew go rescue Yara, so it’s a classic teen sports-film match-up.“Stay down or I’ll kill you,” Harrag informs Theon several times ( 10), which is chilling, but not enough to derail our sweet boy’s rehabilitation and redemption arc.

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