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____________________________________________________________________________________ Sara D’Angio White, Christ Church Youth 7/25/2013 Our group had a wonderful and educational time on your farm the weekend of June 8th. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Connor Goff, Youth Group at Christ Church 7/25/2013 Thank you for letting us work for a short time with your farm helpers. I’m glad we had such a great day to do all of this.

One of my brothers is 14 months older than me, so we grew up doing all of the same things.

I always wanted to keep up with him and his friends, and he pushed me to do things I likely wouldn’t have done had I not had him as a brother.

I would be ever so very appreciative if you could share that recipe with me!

I am a soup connoisseur and it is VERY RARE that I find a soup that I like that I did not make myself! We travel from Rochester just to come for lunch and produce at Burnap’s…we love the food, so fresh and great tasting!

The courage that it takes to walk up to someone and say hi?

Nothing makes me more happy than being with my family and watching our kids grow up together.

What People Are Saying Burnap’s would love to hear all the comments about the experience you have while at Burnap’s.

We are “foodies” that are always searing for the best places to get a really good bite to eat.

During our most recent trip this past Saturday; we enjoyed the most delicious Ham & Bean Soup ever!

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Thank you for allowing us to pick your strawberries alongside the people who work your farm. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Becca, Christ Church Youth 7/25/2013 Thank you for letting me come to your farms and letting me pick strawberries. ____________________________________________________________________________________ Dolinda R. 8/18/2012 Dear Kendra, It must be that I’m still basking in the glory of our son’s wedding and totally forgetting my manners-to tell you how much we appreciated your delicious food and door-to-door service on August 3 and 4 at The Cliffs.

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