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Children were expected to work and support impoverished parents.Pauper and orphaned children were brought to the mills from poorhouses in London and elsewhere and housed in mill dormitories.Generally believed to be the first attempt to regulate conditions of work in the United Kingdom, unfortunately the failure of the Health and Morals of Apprentices Act 1802 to achieve its purpose soon demonstrated the need for further reform.That Act (sometimes called the first ‘Factory Act’) applied only to cotton textile mills.After the Ministry of Health assumed responsibility for the Poor Laws in 1918, it became clear that the system was again in need of reform.

The general population was shifting from the old rural, agricultural economy to new industrial towns, the nation was at war with Napoleon and memories of the disturbingly radical ideas of the French Revolution of 1789 were fresh in the uneasy minds of British political leaders.It was not so much the fault of individual mill owners, a few of whom like Robert Owen had an enlightened approach to their workers’ welfare, as the result of an entire system for exploitation of cheap labour (the ‘Factory System’).Skilled workers employed by a ‘cotton master’ would themselves pay unskilled women and children to help them.That mills existed in the 16th Century is certain but their safety was not subject to any regulation.The Chief Inspector’s report for 1936 quoted a report found concerning a fatal accident to a child in 1540: ‘a yonge childe… was by some mishap come within the swepe or compasse of the cogge whele and therewith was torne in peces and killed.

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