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A cool lagoon flows into the vast Atlantic and people frolic on the golden beach.

Birds soar above swaying palms in Coelha's charming naif portrait of Brazil. Gracious hotels and condominiums look out over the sea in Rio de Janeiro.

Passersby stroll along the beach walk beneath palm trees that rustle in the breeze.

Working in watercolors Henry Appiah shares a glimpse of life in Ghana.

Brazilian artist Vladimir exalts nature in his Bathers and Mountains series featuring acrylics on black and white photography.

It is the product of long years of observing sunbathers on the beaches of Rio de Janeiro confides Vladimir.

Evoking kites and sails amid mountains and waves Pina Bastos creates a very personal vision of Rio de Janeiro.

Sunny shapes blue sky and azure sea conjure the easy slope of Sugarloaf Mountain.

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Thai artist Sukum Ruangdech offers a gorgeous view of Pak Meng Beach painting this composition in an impressionist style that blends form and color.

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