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With tuition on the rise, that number will likely continue to climb.While some may compare the practice to prostitution or question the morality of trading money and gifts for affection, the people who use these sites contend that they’re merely a conduit for both parties getting what they want. Men who engage in such relationships, many of whom are older and married, enjoy taking care of young women and assuming a mentor role in their lives, said Steven Pasternack, who launched in 2002.“The crime is when you pay someone to engage in sexual conduct,” he added.Kimberly Mackey, who attends college in the South, says she had one suitor pay her 0 to have lunch with him.“Some of them just wanted to go out to eat,” she said. Some of them just said outright, ‘Can we (have sex) for this amount of money?’ And I’ve said no.” But she admits that sex ups the ante — if a sugar baby consents to an intimate relationship, she’s likely to get more gifts out of her benefactor.

They can steer (the relationship) into any direction they want to.” Though Mackey says she’s not ashamed of her unconventional part-time job, she doesn’t make a habit of telling everyone about it.

She said she doesn’t have parents who can help her pay for school, so she relies on the kindness of wealthy men out of desperation.

Without the extra income, Cervantes said she’d be back at the homeless shelter she lived in for three months in 2009.

She said she doesn’t consider herself a prostitute because she doesn’t have sex with most of the men she meets through the site.

The 23-year-old started engaging in relationships with older, wealthy men after moving away from home at 18.

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