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But be prepared for the fact that her views might differ from yours.

You can use this situation as a chance to talk about how people often have different perspectives.

This is another chance to boost your child’s self-esteem, and show that you value his input.

When it comes to big decisions that impact on your child – for example, about school, further study, staying out late and so on – try to make those decisions with your child, not for her.

How your child develops independence, and how you guide this process, will be influenced by your family’s cultural background and beliefs. You and your child are both learning how to balance growing independence with parental guidance.

Being aware that your child might be working hard to balance expectations of family members with expectations of friends is a good place to start the balancing act. Go easy on yourselves if things aren’t perfect all the time.

Rules will also help you be consistent in how you treat your child.

It can be a good idea to explain to your younger child why younger and older children are given different amounts and types of responsibilities.For example, there might be a youth group or sports club in your area that your child would like to be involved in.Look after yourself and seek help Many parents report difficulties adjusting to their child’s growing independence. You can read more about looking after yourself in our article on parenting teenagers.Talking about your own opinions and feelings calmly can also help to keep the lines of communication open, and model positive ways of relating to others.Establish clear and fair family rules Stating clear family rules about behaviour, communication and socialising will help your child understand where the limits are and what you expect.

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