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Howard and Bernadette have to take care of his mother after she breaks her leg.

Leonard is making Sheldon breakfast since he is having a rough time. He announces that he is going to start looking for another woman.

Raj actually finds himself with two girls to date after he runs into Amy's friend Emily and gets a note from Lucy.

Sheldon is depressed over his lack of progress in his twenty years of work on string theory.

Amy finds herself with a date that is not with Sheldon.

Bernadette accidentally destroys one of Howard's comics.

As of March 2014, The Big Bang Theory has been renewed for a further three seasons.

Even though it is oatmeal day, Leonard made him French Toast sticks and oatmeal. he is looking for a woman who is educated, intelligent who shares his interests while retaining her own unique point of view.

Raj tries to meet women since he can now talk to them, while Leonard was having such a great time on the North Sea that he doesn't appear to be missing Penny.

Beverly Hofstadter writes a psychology book about Leonard which Penny buys and reads.

Howard and Bernadette go out with Raj and Emily and Emily remembers an earlier embarrassing experience with Howard.

The couples are split up into different groups after Amy and Bernadette lie about having dinner together.

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Leonard has a fight with Sheldon and has to wear an itchy red sweater after he makes a "major" indiscretion.

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