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" when his mother goes to his room with him he says " Scaredy go way." There is a little girl that many people have seen on the property and she is usually seen in the Adair house and turns the lights in the attic on and off.The employees have left toys in the attic and they will be in one spot when they leave that day and when they return the next morning they will be moved.A lady's body was found by the Alpharetta police department in the woods behind the old food giant store, The lady seems to be angry about something cause her spirit lurks the area!There has been several times and reports of screaming coming from the wooded 2 acre lot.March 2008 correction to the January 2007 Correction: Several years ago a large figure was reported to move at the end of the hallway, when everyone was accounted for.On another visit, there was a report of something invisible rushing past witnesses.

There has also said to be in the 4th church that if you try to take the bible away then it will not let you out. There is the stench of blood as you walk in and you can see spirits roaming the grounds.Many employees have reported seeing a figure matching the description of Godfrey Barnsley in the cottages at night, he was the owner of the property in the 1800's.- In the Rice House there have been reports of doors opening and closing and a man in a suit and top hat has been seen by a few people with his arms crossed and staring at you.- Driving down the road you can hear moaning and see things moving in the woods but when you reach the grave yard you hear nothing and see nothing except the graves.If you sit in your car for a while you can see people enter the graveyard and hear them talking.

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There is also a tunnel in the basement, but no one has ever been to the end of it. - January 2007 correction: The haunting of the supposed Turner Field Naval Hospital is a rumor.

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