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Jessica Senehi’s argument validates the place of artistic works as products of imagination in the process of conflicts resolution.

Ajayi & Buhari (2014, p.152) argue that “conflict resolution promotes consensus-building, social bridge reconstructions, and the re-enactment of order in the society.” In addition, Hagg & Kagwanja (2008, p.21) argue that “in a number of instances, conflicts resolution initiatives based on the liberal peace principles have brought an end to violent conflict and created platforms for reconciliation.” From all propositions and arguments by these scholars, one of the significant points is that conflicts resolution is a process for restoration of peace.

Burton in O’Connell (2010) posits that “Conflict resolution is, in the long term, a process of change in political, social and economic systems.

It is an analytical and problem solving process that takes into account such individual and group needs such as identity and recognition, as well as institutional changes that are required to satisfy these needs” (p.13). 28) takes this definition further by proposing that conflicts resolution is guided by three significant worldviews which include The Harvard Approach, The Human Needs Theory Approach, and The Conflict Transformation Approach.

These views suggest that beyond confrontations between two parties, there must be causes of confrontations which are often followed by harsh outcomes and repercussions.

From O’Connell’s view, the most common repercussion is violence which, in a bid to resolve and end its effects, conflicts resolution process is engaged in order to restore peace.

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