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To specify a different ordering, click the ORDER BY button.

Here you can choose what columns the data should be sorted by, and if it should be sorted in ascending or descending order.

While these can be set through the Properties pane, it's usually quicker to use the wizard, which can be reached by clicking on the "Configure Data Source" link in the Sql Data Source control's smart tag.

When you click the "Configure Data Source" link a wizard appears, prompting you to select the data to retrieve.

With the declarative, "code free" Data Source controls you can create a page that displays database data in under 15 seconds and without having to write a line of code. Both controls have virtually the same featureset, the only difference being how you specify the connection information.

In fact, the Access Data Source control is really superfluous since Microsoft Access databases can be accessed through the Sql Data Source control just as easily.

This article is one in a series of articles on ASP. NET 1.x, you'd need to write code to: While only five to ten lines of code is needed to perform these four steps, and libraries like the Data Access Application Block help reduce the volume of code that you need to write, the fact remains that in order to access or modify data in an ASP. In this article we'll be examining how to access data from databases with the Sql Data Source and Access Data Source controls.

The Data Source controls are a collection of Web controls designed to provide a declarative approach to accessing and modifying data.

In these cases we must select the "Specify a custom SQL statement of stored procedure" radio button and click Next.

The selections here tack on an If you opt to select the columns to return from a table or view you can only configure simple queries that involve a single table or view.

With relational databases, often there's data in related tables that we need to grab, requiring s.

With both of these controls you can specify the clause as properties of the Data Source controls.

The code to connect to the database, issue the command, and retrieve the results is handled internally by the Data Source control.

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