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Print on good quality paper – there’s no point in writing a strong CV and then printing it out on cheap paper.And think carefully about the font you use – Comic Sans will not get you taken seriously.

The company provides clients and customers with a broad range of financial services and products.I don’t think that we will be seeing a return to exhaustive lists of previous work on CVs.Recruiters have so little time to review each one that the key is to make an impression on them as quickly as possible, which isn’t achieved by sending them a novel!It is important to note that some countries in Continental Europe, including France and Germany, expect a photo to be included as standard, so if you are applying for jobs internationally it’s worth doing your homework.” “A CV is your most important marketing tool, and you can and will be judged on every aspect of it, so keep it professional.If your email address is quirky or inappropriate, change it to one that simply uses your first name and surname.

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Formatting and layout are fundamentally important; your CV must be clearly and neatly presented.

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