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For web applications that are in production and that use Elmah for exception logging it turned out to be very useful for me to create a custom exception and overwrite Just to extend an elegant solution. Entity Validation Errors The watch expression @zairja I haven't tested it in, but it appears that the variable is defined for as well in, however the cast is probably not defined for, and instead you should probably do Direct Cast ($exception, System. You know that feeling you get when you realize your error handling is what's actually throwing the error? Save Changes() method into a try/catch and produce an output text file that allows me to read the Error(s) clearly, and this code also timestamps them - handy if you run into more than one error at different times!You may want to override the savechanges method in your own Db Context class, and then add try catch block, where the try block just try to save (base. What i found..i got 'Entity Validation Errors' error is that....i have a field in my database 'db1' in table 'tbladdress' as 'address1' which has size of 100 (i.e address varchar(100) null) and i was passing value more than 100 characters.this leading to error while saving data to database.... On every value you can see if there is an error and even the error message. When you don't need it anymore, just delete or comment the line. If asked, I can provide detailed screenshot in the debug window.You could query ADSI just by using the domain name and domain container.In this article, I am going to use the following OU and DC.Though it is predominantly used by network administrators and system administrators, there are situations where SQL Server Database administrators or the application that uses SQL Server as the backend needs to get data from ADSI.This article illustrates how to use SQL Server Transact SQL with OPENROWSET and OPENQUERY commands to access and retrieve data from Active Directory.To be honest I don't know how to check the content of the validation errors.Visual Studio shows me that it's an array with 8 objects, so 8 validation errors. Error Message Next Next End Try If you are simply catching a generic exception, it may benefit you to cast this as a Db Entity Validation Exception.

Our commitment is to reach out to all veterans and support their success, just as they have supported and served our nation.If you want to know more about openrowset please read this article.You can access information from Active directory by executing the following query.The solution provided (remove the action attribute of the form) is not good (because my form would go nowhere)It is an error to use a section registered as allow Definition=' Machine To Application' beyond application level.This error can be caused by a virtual directory not being configured as an application in IIS. After I published a new version of my apps, I began receiving a lot of Validation of viewstate MAC failed error message.

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