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, the hero Afzal accepts Farah’s rejection but her hold on him and his own dedication to that dream of love never ends.Similarly in Humsafar, Asher's sitting alone reading a newspaper a few years after Khirad has left makes it clear that he has not conveniently married Sara.“There was a loss of beauty and pleasure embodied in courtesan culture.” he says.However, it is not only veiled eroticism but the hidden subtext that builds the romantic tension as well.From half-acknowledged feelings to never quite spoken but definitely non-platonic relationships, subtext is also key to how romance plays out in Pakistani dramas.In the absence of physical proximity, the hints of ideas are usually what charges the relationships and the audience interprets what was not said.

It is veiled erotica, the way the actors are shot and directed.” His much anticipated film embodied the cultural metaphor and with the downfall of the Mughal Empire.

Simplicity is key: the use of symbols Romance is not limited to purely to passion. Author Faiza Iftikhar has written her fair share of romantic scenes, and though her recent romantic comedy : “When Meesha tells Roman that Mayer, (his rival) has proposed to her, they start looking at each other and only the expressions in their eyes explain their feelings for one another.

Romantic dialogues should be simple and touching," she explains.

Khalil Ur Rehman Qamar is renowned for his deeply romantic writing which brings the much neglected male protagonists to the fore.

His claim that “ Mohabbat appne gunehgaroon ko kabhi maaf nahin karta” (love never forgives her transgressors) is apparent in his work.

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romantic duo Dr Ahmer (Rahat Kazmi) and fun loving Dr Zoya (Marina Khan) are still one of the most famous romantic couples to grace our screens.

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