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Young people looking to Rose as a role model are in good hands.Awesomeness TV While many You Tubers have found the jump to acting elusive, Rose’s easy onscreen persona and sarcastic charm have served her well in two key roles. Student Body President,” she stars alongside Jeremy Shada (“Adventure Time”) as a savvy student government schemer Hadley, and she plays the less popular but similarly over-achieving Hillary in “Guidance.” READ MORE: Online Essentials: Logan Paul Is Like Johnny Knoxville, But Sweeter — Watch Both shows are available to stream on go90, Verizon’s free streaming service and the top distribution platform for the growing cadre of digital content studios.

One is solely dedicated to gamingcalled the ‘Arose Games’ channel, as she is a gaming freak.

Thus, she liked to stay alone and read books, along with playing lots of video games.

Her closest friend in school was Kennedy, as she was the only one Arden could relate to. In High School she met Nicholas; the two loved gaming and got along immediately.

They were just friends until they fell in love and began dating.

However, Arden had to relocate for college and owing to the challenges of a long distance relationship, they broke up.

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Arden also starred in a short comedy movienamed ‘Occupy Alice’ and the TV series ‘Guidance’ in 2015. She has helped them embrace their inner beauty and be themselves. She has numerous boys crushing over her including You Tubers themselves.

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