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Melts beautifully and adds a light herbal note to creamy baked pasta. – Brittany White 2016 Maddie’s Gold is our rendition of a traditional Double Gloucester.

It is a semi-hard cheese with an earthy flavor and a slight tang similar to sharp cheddar. – Some Like it Red Banklick Pub is a creamy Cotswold with the addition of flavorful chives and onions.

Dry Riesling with Smoked Gouda Brittany White with Garden Herb Sweet Bottom White 2016 with Sage Derby Some Like it Red with Maddie’s Gold Cabernet Sauvignon Meritage with Banklick Pub Sweet Bottom Red with Dark Chocolate Smoked Gouda is our version of a pasteurized cows milk creamy Gouda cheese with a slightly sweet Applewood smoke flavor.

The cheese is cold smoked over Applewood chips to give just the right amount of smoke flavor.

Consulted with expertise, the menu offers the city’s finest coverture hand-made chocolates, each dressed with notes from wines selected to enhance the flavour.

From rare violet and lilac notes to the depths of Belgian cocoa, you will unwind in the heart of The Cortile for an afternoon or evening of pure indulgence.

In fact, historians have noted an obvious correlation between the geographical origins of wines and cheese when it comes to historical pairings.

From a historical context, this makes plenty of sense.

Usually hosted on the first Tuesday of the month, Arugula Bistro’s five-course food-and-wine pairing is a fab mid-week outing for northern ’burbs dwellers.

– Dry Riesling 2016 Green Bottle Sage Derby is our newest addition to our unpasteurized cow milk cheese line.

It is a mild, mottled green, semi-hard cheese with a hint of garden sage running throughout.

In addition to regional customs, some commonly held wisdom about pairing wine and cheese seems rooted in long-standing historical anecdotes and traditional adages, especially from around the time of the early British wine merchants.

For example, the adage is a traditional piece of wisdom based on the idea of matching the richness or body of a wine with the heaviness of a given food.

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