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See full summary » The story of Lída Baarová, famous Czech actress of the black and white era, who moved to Nazi Germany before WWII and formed a controversial relationship with Reich Minister of Propaganda, Joseph Goebbels, who adored her.Film Doomed Beauty can be seen as a probe into the life of an extraordinary woman and a description of how a person can be doomed by dramatic events dealt by fate.This interesting beauty became one of the first movie stars.Born in Prague, she began her career at the age of 17 in her native Bohemia where she shot several very popular movies.The life of Lída Baarová possesses all the features of a Greek tragedy.Beauty, love, fame, betrayal, rejection, punishment, escape, loss of home, and finally reconciliation at a wise old age.

Buy a membership in the My Cinema Club and your cinema will be yours!See full summary » Since the arrival of the new teacher, Maria Drazdechova, to a Bratislava suburban school in the year of 1983, life has turned upside down for students and parents. See full summary » "My verdict is: I, Olga Hepnarová, the victim of your bestiality, sentence you to death penalty." Those were the famous words of the 22-year-old mass murderer Olga Hepnarová, who in 1973 drove a truck into a group of innocent people in Prague. Left alone, their children cut loose until the boy gets caught for skipping school and things take an unexpected turn. See full summary » When the famous detective Nick Carter visits Prague, he becomes involved in strange case of a missing dog and even stranger carnivorous plant. See full summary » A sincere provincial young man, Frantisek Koudelka (Ludek Sobota) leaves to work in Prague.For the trip he buys a computer made horoscope with biorhythms charts, marked according to his ...Hitem internetu se před pár dny stalo video složené ze záběrů, které na Zemi poslala 24. 2012 sluneční observatoř SOHO (Solar and Heliospheric Observatory).Milovníci záhad si na nich všimli podivného tělesa připomínajícího kosmickou loď (viz náš článek: Kolem Slunce obíhá obří UFO). Podle některých expertů ale „loď“ vznikla kvůli poškození senzoru digitální kamery.

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Many of the films are still showing at cinemas around the country.“Febiofest is still in transition from mere film screenings to a festival,” Art Director Přemysl Martinek said.

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